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Ingeliance announce the acquisition of PSI

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” Over the years, Ingeliance has built a solid expertise in engineering consulting for the naval, aeronautics and space, defense, environmental and energy systems sectors.

Today, the group, headquartered in Mérignac, has 13 branches in France and employs more than 650 people. To which we must add international locations in Singapore, Adelaide and Madagascar. In 2018, its turnover was 38 million euros.

Simulation Trophies 2019

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INGELIANCE was awarded in 2019 by winning the Simulation Trophies for its work in collaboration with the Jean KUNTZMANN laboratory on sedimentation problems in fluid mechanics and their implementation on hybrid CPU / GPU architectures thus preparing the future for the simulations of tomorrow.

Our Digital Simulation offer is one of our advanced expertise developed within the company. This offer is gathered within the Center of Excellence Numerical Simulation which counts 140 engineers and doctors distributed on our main sites. We are working on modeling different phenomena in solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, electromagnetism and coupling between different physics. Our activities concern aeronautics, space, naval, defense and the energy sector.

We have significant software and hardware resources through an internal cluster of several hundred cores and a partnership with the CCRT (Center of Calculation R & T of the CEA) for the access to the COBALT machine of more than 40 000 hearts.

Pictured are: Daniel Verwaerde, President of Teratec, Matthieu PUYO, Director of Scientific Development – INGELIANCE Technologies, Christophe PICARD, Associate Professor Grenoble INP – Laboratoire Jean KUNTZMANN, and François RIBOUR, Vice President INGELIANCE Technologies, Technical Director & Quality.