Supporting our clients for:

> Systems architecture definition, including functional and value analysis

> Mechanical and mechatronics support

> Creation and management of products design files: Main mission of a design office

A broad knowledge and expertise base:

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    System architectures

    Functional analysis, value analysis, FMECA, DTC, topological optimization

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    Mechanical design CAD

    Metallic, polymers, composites, plastics processes, additive manufacturing, assembly, multi-materials solutions

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    Automation programming, control-command, HMI, kinematic conception, connected products

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    Materials and process selection

    Simultaneous engineering design, suppliers consulting files

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    ISO scoring, 3D scoring chain, RAMS, PLM, calculation justifications

  • A worforce of moer than 180 engineers and technicians
  • Strong CAD Tools mastering
  • Work-packages > 100 000 hrs
  • IS Methods, Score Cards
  • A study design office with: PLM, calculation department, RAMS, methods, industrialization, technical documention…
  • Lessons learned and capitalization

A design for modern manufacturing methods:


machining, molding, forging, forming, additive manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, soldering…

Polymeres and composites

injection, thermoforming, draping prepreg, infusion, RTM, low pressure molding, gluing…


programming, control-command, instrumentation, connectivity…

build the future