Sustainable environment for structural engineers :

Streame aims to improve the structural substantiation process through direct access to Finite Element Model input and result files.

Streame provides a complete analysis of failure modes and related safety margins.

Using data in the long run:

“Streame has been selected by SAFRAN NACELLES in order to unify all of the in-house postprocessing Tools, for all its future programs”

Streame makes it possible to store data within the Stress Dossier over multiple decades, thanks to database entries fully independent from computers’ operating systems or from any commercial database.


«On their aeronautical structure development program, users had to manage 350 load cases in a 6-month iterative design process. Streame allowed a 30% reduction on the engineering cost and delay.»

Graphical interface allows to visualize technical parameters of the analysis (fasteners location and diameters, part thicknesses…), which reduces dramatically the hidden errors often caused by the classical use of spreadsheets.

improving reliability:

«Over 2 tabs and 100 lines, an Exc el Spreadsheet automatically contains hidden errors, both on data as well as formulas».

Streame helps to organize the work of the Structure department and suppresses uncontrolled programming development with Excel spreadsheets, Fortran routines or proprietary post-processor macro languages.


«Streame simplifies beginners’ as well as experts’ daily work by providing guidelines and wizards suited for each profile or experience».

Streame differs from classical approaches based on multiple templates which make analysis traceability or automatization more difficult. Streame can potentially automatize the analysis chain, and minimize the number of used applications.



«Thanks to Streame, it has been possible to generate automatically the Finite Element Models of Ariane V boosters for each corresponding launch time ».

Streame allows customers to add their own applications (plug-ins) through a fully confidential method.

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